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   August 23, 2006
Nancy, Bobby & Corbin,
I want to let you know that the love and prayers of our family have been with you the past weeks. As I went through the photos on John's website I was reminded of what a fun and enjoyable cousin Bob was. He truly lived life to the fullest. As I read Corbin's website I found it very moving and a great reminder of how all of us influence people in our lives every day. May God bring you comfort at this time and give you strength as you reflect on Bob's life. Much love from your cousins in Sarasota, Tod & Cami, Justin, Alyson, Lauren & Nathan
   Tod Gable (Sarasota, FL )

   August 21, 2006
Dear Nancy,Bobbie and Corbin,
My heart and my love go out to you. We will all miss Bob. He was a wonderful man. I look forward to seeing you in Sept. Until then, please be well.
Cousin Kathy
   Kathy Furber-Jacobsen (Santa Rosa, CA )

   August 16, 2006
Bob was a true friend. Always Positive, Reliable, and someone you could confide in. He brightened many of my songs with his performances. We had great times at some crazy gigs - The Bay to Breakers, Wharf to Wharf, and The Leo Terry Show. As a musician, he always has soul. The last time I saw Bob Sax was when he and my brother, Billy, burst through the door of The Med at Jam night, jumped on the stage and performed a wild 20 minute version of Lime in the Coconut. That image will always make me smile.
Love and Peace,
Satia (Doris Runcie)
   Doris Runcie (Reno, NV )

   August 13, 2006
To the Furber Families,
I was saddened to hear that your beloved family member passed away. I told John, his brother, a very dear friend of mine, that I have all of you in prayer. My God be with you at this time.
   Sheryl Tealdi (San Mateo, CA )

   August 12, 2006

I am so sorry about the death of your husband. My condolences. Hope that you are coping and doing okay.

   Sheldon Kamieniecki (Santa Cruz, CA )

   August 11, 2006
Dearest Nancy, Bobby & Corbin: I was deeply saddened this afternoon to hear about Bob. While I only met him a few times at SOE University events, I could see what a wonderful and loving father he was to the boys, and a soul mate to you, Nancy. Please know that your family is in my prayers and that if there is anything I can do, I mean anything, do not hesitate to contact me. Wishing you love and peace at this difficult time and always.
   Melissa Foraker (Watsonville, CA )

   August 9, 2006
Nancy, Bobby, and Corbin: I grieve with you at the passing of Bob. I think you know that he was one of my closest friends in this life. We lived together, played together, and loved together for many, many years, as we grew into adulthood and beyond. His sudden loss is still hard for me to fully grasp. I know that he would be so proud of you Bobby, for your bravery. And I know that Bob wished for nothing more than to have his two sons grow up strong and true. May his wishes for both of you come true! My heart goes out to all three of you in this time of mourning. Bob is already missed, and will always be. Celebrate his life in your acheivements, for as you keep his memory, he will be with you always!
   Ron Sullivan (Berkeley, CA )

   August 9, 2006
To the Furber family: I mourn Bob's passing in my heart more than you know. Bob was just a wonderful person and I have been very lucky to have travelled a while in life with him. My best wishes to you and the boys. My prayers are with you all.
Godspeed Bob!
   Mark Madrid (Belmont, CA )

   August 9, 2006
Dear Nancy, and family. We were saddened to hear of Bob's passing. I remember Bob from the early Sacramento years. Then some of us moved down here for the electronics boom. I remember when Bob was working in electronics in Scotts Valley, and I'd come over the hill from Santa Clara to listen to his band and BS about Microprocessors. I always liked going to your parties, and campouts. I know Bob loved to have fun, scuba dive and the many different things he tried. But out of everything, he truly loved his family most of all.
   Jim & Rose Hudson (Santa Clara, CA )

   August 8, 2006
Nancy, Bobby and Corbin - My deepest wishes and love to you and the rest of the family during these difficult times.

There is a quote that I wanted to share that reminds me of Bob -

"Seek and you wil find. Don't be willing to accept an ordinary life."

and that he didn't! He will be greatly missed - but all the wonderful memories will stay forever! The one that particularly sticks with me - is the wonderful gesture he participated in for the "make a wish foundation."
Such a generous and ecclectic individual! Luv Leslie
   Leslie Marple (Santa Cruz, CA )

   August 8, 2006
Nancy & family.

We are thinking of you during this time.

Melvin & Gail Porter
   Gail Porter (Santa Cruz, CA )

   August 7, 2006
Nancy, my deepest sympathy to you, Bobby, Corbin and the entire Furber family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that as time passes, you will all find comfort and warmth in the wonderful memories you built with Bob.
   June Taylor (Santa Cruz, CA )

   August 7, 2006
Nancy-You and your family have my deepest sympathy. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you learn to live with the loss of a loving husband and father.
   Julia Armstrong-Zwart (Santa Cruz, CA )

   August 7, 2006
My heart goes out to you, Nancy, and to Bobby and Corbin. I pray that your family finds strength and solace in shared memories, and that you find comfort in your family and friends.
   Jonni Dungan (Santa Cruz, CA )

   August 6, 2006
I only knew Bob and Bobbie from a chance encounter that day at Point Lobos. However, it was one that will cause me to continually reflect on the joy of family and inspire me to live life to the fullest as he obviously did.

Bob and Nancy should be extremely proud of the strong young man that Bobbie has become. The courage he demonstrated was truly exceptional. I have no doubt that he will become an example among men.

The thoughts of myself, my wife, and hundreds of members of the Southern and Northern California dive communities are with you all.
   Todd Preece (San Diego, CA )

   August 6, 2006
Dear Nancy, Bobby & Corbin,

I am so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He was a great friend & neighbor and also an awesome sax player. I wish I could be there for the service, but it's not possible. My sympathies and thoughts are with you.


   Don Rispoli (Wall, NJ )


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